School Uniform – September 2020



Year 7-10: Navy blue blazer with a V-neck grey jumper. Year 11: Black V-neck jumper with navy blazer. Blazer and jumper to display LHS logo. Blazer sleeves not to be rolled up.


Striped tie in school colours – Class of 2026: Purple; Class of 2025: Silver; Class of 2024: Turquoise; Class of 2023: Red.  Ties to be worn with five stripes visible (no more than five cm above the waist).

Year 11 will wear a plain navy blue tie. Learners in leadership positions will wear a light blue tie. Year 8 Transition Leaders will wear a silver tie.



Dark grey tailored trousers or pleated skirts. No jeans or skin tight trousers or skirts. Skirts should be worn at an appropriate length, no more than 1 inch above the knee. No leggings / footless tights.


White shirt/blouse with collar that buttons to the top. Shirts/blouses should be tucked in at all times.


If a student chooses to wear a skirt, the skirt must be accompanied by black, opaque 60 denier tights. Students can choose to wear trousers as an alternative (not skinny). 


Plain black shoes. No trainers, sports shoes, boots (including ankle boots) or canvas shoes. In poor weather, learners will be informed if they can wear boots.


A wrist watch and one pair of stud earrings worn in the earlobes. No nose studs, tongue studs or other facial piercings. No other jewellery eg bracelets, rings etc


Strong waterproof bag which is large enough to hold an A4 file.




No nail varnish or acrylic nails, including French nails.


No extreme hair styles such as shaved patterns or stripes.  Hair should not be unnatural in colour. Hair accessories should be plain black, grey or navy. Head scarves should be plain navy.

Outdoor wear

All outdoor wear including jackets, scarves, gloves or hoodies are not to be worn in school.

PE Kit

Compulsory: Navy and sky blue top and navy and sky blue shorts, both with our school logo. Navy and sky blue sports socks.

Optional: Navy tracksuit trouser. Navy leggings, Navy and sky blue hooded top, Navy and sky blue panelled rain jacket. (All with the school logo). Trainers/football boots.

GCSE Dance

GCSE Dance kit: Navy and sky blue top (as PE kit). Navy leggings or navy tracksuit trouser, both with logo. Suitable dance shoes, no trainers. Long hair must be tied back.

Summer Uniform

Any change to the uniform, as a result of warmer weather, will be up to the discretion of the Headteacher. At this time jumpers will become optional.


If learners choose to wear a T-shirt underneath their school shirt this must be plain white in colour with no logos or designs of any kind.


High Five - Learners are expected to bring their planner, a scientific calculator, pen, pencil and ruler with them to all lessons along with subject specific equipment e.g. PE kit.


Other Information

We ask parents to ensure all items of school uniform are clearly labelled with the learner’s name. Learners who do not conform to the uniform policy will be isolated with their form tutor.

In certain circumstances where appropriate shoes/trousers cannot be purchased for a number of days the school will endeavour to loan learners appropriate items in order for them to return to classes as normal. Official stockists of the school uniform are 

Kids Stop