Year 9


Learning Leader


Learning Leader = Mr Rea


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The Tutor Team


9A Miss Wither      
9S Miss Woods      
9P Mrs Francis      
9I Miss Palma Varo      
9R Miss Booth/Mr Mirfin      
9E Mr Kilkenney


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Role of the Form Tutor


The role of the Form Tutor is to be the first point of contact for both learners and parents. They are there to support learners and create an environment where they feel safe, valued and cared for. Form Tutors will also support academic achievement and deliver PSHE to their form groups.


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Form Time/PSHE Curriculum


learners will attend form time from 8:30 four days a week, with one day being used for an assembly delivered by their Learning Leader or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. A variety of topics will also be taught to form groups on a fortnightly basis through the PSHE curriculum.


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Home Learning


learners in Year 9 will be expected to complete homework from each of their subjects on a weekly basis. Their subject teachers will set deadlines for each individual piece of work.


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Afterschool Sessions


learners are encouraged to attend afterschool sessions which are offered to them across the curriculum. We also encourage learners to take part in extra-curricular activities in a variety of subjects.


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Enrichment Opportunities


 Throughout the year a variety of enrichment opportunities take place. learners have the opportunity to become a transition leader and develop their leadership skills during the summer half term as year 6s visit the school for their transition days. As a year group we also hold events throughout the year to raise money for our chosen charity.


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Key Dates


Year 9 - Key Dates

Year 9 Exam Week - w/c Monday 7th December 2020

Year 9 Parents' Evening - Thursday 4th March (5-8pm) 2021







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