Year 7


Learning Leader


Learning Leader = Mr J Paradiuk


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The Tutor Team


Mr Marsh - 7A

Miss English - 7S

Miss Penn - 7P

Mr Murtagh - 7I

Miss Osbaldeston/Miss Kerfoot - 7R

Miss Millbrook - 7E

Miss M Murphy - 7INT


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Role of the Form Tutor


The form tutor is the first point of contact for learners and parents. The form tutor meets learners in the morning and will provide or collect any information that is needed and monitor learners’ attendance and punctuality. They will also ensure that all learners are properly equipped and wearing the full uniform, and will promote the ASPIRE values. This allows all learners to start and end their academic day successfully.


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Form Time/PSHE Curriculum


Form Time is a period of the day when learners will be updated on any important information they need, their uniform and equipment will be checked and any conversations can take place regarding progress in lesson and attendance and punctuality. PHSE is a vital part of learners’ education and in the PHSE curriculum learners will cover topics that will impact on their personal, social and health development. Topics include how the election system works, what taxes are for, what political parties stand for, healthy eating, bullying and peer pressure and managing emotions.


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Home Learning


learners will complete home learning tasks for a specific date which will be set by their subject teachers. In core subjects, home learning tasks will be set once a week whereas in other subjects, home learning tasks will be set once a fortnight.


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Afterschool Sessions


learners are encouraged to attend afterschool sessions which are offered to them across the curriculum. We also encourage learners to take part in extra-curricular activities in a variety of subjects.


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Enrichment Opportunities


Throughout the year a variety of enrichment opportunities take place. learners have the opportunity to become a transition leader and develop their leadership skills during the summer half term as year 6s visit the school for their transition days. As a year group we also hold events throughout the year to raise money for our chosen charity.


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Key Dates

Year 7 - Key Dates

Year 7 ASPIRE Afternoon Presentation - Thursday 17th September 2020

Year 7 - Photographs - Thursday 24th September 2020

Year 7 - Exam Week - w/c Tuesday 5th January 2021

Year 7 Parents' Evening -  Thursday 13th May (5-8pm) 2021


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