Year 11


Learning Leader


Learning Leader = Mrs A Horsfield


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The Tutor Team


Mr Kilkenny – 11A

Mrs Harley – 11S

Miss Rogers – 11P

Miss Burton – 11I

MrMurtagh – 11R

Miss Hill – 11E


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Role of the Form Tutor


The role of the Form Tutor is to be the first point of contact for both learners and parents. They are there to support learners and create an environment where they feel safe, valued and cared for. Form Tutors will also support academic achievement and deliver PSHE to their form groups.


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Form Time/PSHE Curriculum


learners will attend form time from 8:30 four days a week, with one day being used for an assembly delivered by their Learning Leader or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. A variety of topics will also be taught to form groups on a fortnightly basis through the PSHE curriculum.


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Home Learning


learners will complete home learning tasks from each of their subjects on a weekly basis. learners should also develop their independent learning skills through engaging in their own timetable of revision at home. There will also be an increased amount of revision in the lead up to exams. 


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Afterschool Sessions


learners will be expected to attend afterschool sessions for revision and targeted intervention which are offered to them across the curriculum. We also encourage learners to take part in extra-curricular activities in a variety of subjects.


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Enrichment Opportunities


learner Leaders will support whole school initiatives based on the Core ASPIRE values. Information and guidance regarding college applications, Next Steps interviews and other post 16 opportunities will be integrated throughout the year.


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Key Dates


Year 11 - Key Dates


Year 11 Information Evening

Wednesday 10th October 2018 &
Thursday 11th October 2018

Parents Evening

Thursday 22ndd November 5 - 8pm

Mock Examinations

EBacc Mock exams W/C Monday 3rd December 2018

Monday 4th February  – Friday 16thFebruary 2019

Year 11 Apprenticeship Event

Thursday 21st March 2019

Mock results 

Friday 15th March 2019

Parents Evening by invitation Thursday 28th March 2019

Year 11 Art exam

Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th April  Thursday 2nd May and Friday 3rd May 2019

GCSE exams begin

Monday 13th May 2019

Year 11 Prom

Thursday 27th June 2019

Year 11 MFL Speaking Exams                         Monday 29th April - Wednesday 1st May


Year 11 PE Moderation Day                            Wednesday 1st April 2019   


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