Rewards and Sanctions


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At Longdendale our rewards policy encompasses the vision of:

Vibrant, positive learning culture of success and celebration.

Learners are motivated to feel valued to achieve.


An Inclusive Philosophy

PARS records achievement points and behaviour points separately but also gives learners an accumulative net point total taking both into account.

Achievement points are awarded under our Aspire Core Values and Competencies. Each lesson teachers may reward achievement points linked to one of our ASPIRE core values or competencies. The standard ASPIRE achievement points awarded is worth 5 points.  In cases of exceptional work, staff may choose to award ASPIRE+ achievement points at a value of 25 points.

Low level behaviour points are only worth one, medium three, Reflect four and Exclusion five points.  That way every learner should always have more achievement points than behaviour even if they are high tariff. This allows incentives to improve and provides greater scope for positive conversations with learners about making the right choices. 

Staff at the school seek to develop strong, respectful and professional relationships with all others within our community. We recognise the importance of developing these relationships and the long term benefit they bring to all parties. In the event of poor behaviour the school will adopt a restorative approach to resolve the issue. The intention of a restorative approach is to repair damaged relationships and work in partnership to ensure that future incidents are avoided.


Types of Rewards 

Praise postcards given out - one per fortnightly cycle

Weekly awards for achievement points, home learning, attendance, behaviour focus.

Celebration assemblies 

Subject award badges for academic excellence and most improved progress.

Weekly Learning Leader awards

Weekly Head Teacher awards with badges reflecting our core values and competencies

Whole school celebration assemblies.

Reward trips. 


Staff may also award points for

• Verbal praise

• Written Praise

• Good news postcards home

• Good work stickers/stamps

• Certificates for 100% attendance for a given period (e.g. a term)

• Attendance bronze, silver and gold badges

• Letters/phone calls home

• Presentation Evenings

• Certificates of achievements

• Praise Assembly

• Presentation Evening

• Prize Draw

• Prom invitation

• Use of learners’ work in classroom displays