Rewards and Sanctions


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Behaviour, Work and Encouragement


We feel that work and behaviour are improved by the correct use of rewards and sanctions.

vivo sept 2013

We have introduced our Vivo Miles rewards system. Vivo Miles is an award-winning rewards platform for schools, allowing staff to award learners electronic points called "Vivos", redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from a customisable catalogue. It is a system that has proven its ability to increase learner motivation, improve behaviour, attendance and achievement. learners will receive Vivomiles every week to celebrate their 100% attendance and punctuality.

Parents may log into the parents platform at or by clicking on the above logo. 

The Vivo Parental Engagement Platform has been designed to positively "engage and inform" parents. Parents have their own personal Vivo account and may view information relating to their child‟s rewards. Everything is presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand .

Sanctions given include time penalties and detentions. learners are given 24 hours notice and are requested to inform their parents. The detention is recorded in learner planners. We are aware of the problems caused by learners being kept behind on dark winter evenings. For this reason, detentions are given only when absolutely necessary, and can be avoided by learners who work well and behave sensibly.