Learners will be given the opportunity to revise for upcoming assessments in their lessons or as part of their home learning. We recommend that learners use the Longdendale Revision Cycle to help them to structure their revision at home. Revision guides are also available for all subjects - most of these can be bought on Amazon or via school. Learners should liaise with their subject teachers to find out which specific revision guides they need.


For Year 11 learners, a timetable of after school revision is available for all subjects. Learners should arrange to sign up to attend these sessions with their subject teachers.

Longdendale Revision

Y11 Revision Timetable 

Parents Information Evening 

Step 1 - Plan your revision

  • Make a revision timetable.

  • Allow more time for the topics you find difficult.


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Step 2 - Revise

  • Follow the 4 step cycle for each topic (relearn, reduce, remember, review).


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Step 3 – Get ready for your exam

  • Do you know your seat number / which room the exam is in?

  • Before the exam make sure you get a good nights sleep.

  • Before the exam make sure you have sufficient pens / pencils for the exam. Calculators are also important for exams.


September 2020 Revision Guide 

Year 11 Revision Timetable 




Open Days and Application Deadlines 2020/21

Postive Steps Letter 


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