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More Able Provision


More Able Provision


Longdendale High Schools More Able cohort consists of the top 10 % of achievers in each year group. The learners are identified in year 7 and they remain in the More Able cohort throughout their time at Longdendale. The learners in this cohort are provided with more challenging tasks in all subject areas and these learners are provided with aspirational targets to motivate and encourage optimum levels of effort.

The MoreAble learners are tracked and the More Able Co-ordinator assesses their progress. Intervention and assertive mentoring is provided for More Able learners who are making less than expected progress.

Additional enrichment opportunities are provided and we have strong links with Oxford University. Our More Able learners are encouraged to be independent learners who strive for the highest grades possible and we expect them to embrace in a structured home learning programme and carry out additional research with a wide range of reading and enrichment activities.


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