Physical Education (PE)


The Physical Education Department



Head of Department = Mrs Healey-Wilde


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The PE department consists of four specialist teachers. The department has a large six badminton court sports hall, an astro-turf pitch, an outdoor pursuits centre and extensive field space all around the school. The department aims to provide the best possible sporting experiences for all young people across and beyond the curriculum.


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Learners at KS3 have a subject specific rubric of practical work and units that’s embed the schools core values and competencies and provide challenge for all. This is so from an early stage learners learn how to lead a healthy, active life to develop their physical, social and mental health. A progressive rubric is in place, where learners develop their skills, techniques, tactics and decision making ability.

At KS4 GCSE PE teaches additional sporting activities. There is a strong focus on developing practical skills and learners will be assessed on their practical skills in lessons but also their academic skills when completing controlled written coursework and written exam preparation.

A wholes school, whole day sports day takes place in the summer term with learners taking part in inter tutor competitions in sports such as Dodgeball, Football, Rounder’s and culminating in the afternoon wholes school athletics track finals.


Learners in year 10 can opt for GCSE PE, which is an engaging course linked to body systems, health and fitness, training and commercialisation of sport and the sports industry. This course is ideal for learners who are passionate and seek a future career in sport.


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Core PE

Learners receive ongoing formative targets for development and strengths. At KS4 core attitudes to learning is essential and learners receive verbal feedback on skills progress.


Learners receive deep marks twice per half-term as well as verbal feedback and formative assessment. Learners will have an ongoing log of performance for practical to track progress.

Learners receive targets for improvement, RAMPS and summative assessment comments. Home learning is uploaded via insight .Written exams are completed each assessment cycle which informs the data tracking.

BTEC First Award in Sport

Learners in year 10 could alterbnatively opt to study a BTEC First in Sport , this course can help you take your first steps towards a career in sport and fitness. You'll learn essential skills such as training for personal fitness, encouraging sports participation, and organising and leading events and activities

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Home Learning


The expectation for home learning is that learners will complete a minimum of one home learning activity per half term.


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Afterschool Sessions


PE run an extensive range of intra and inter-school activities throughout the year and have achieved the Silver Sports Mark Award, meaning at least 30% of the school take part in regular physical activity in and beyond the curriculum.


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Enrichment Opportunities


Throughout the year a variety of enrichment opportunities take place including year group and inter tutor competition. Competitions also take place linked to county and national events and competitions and there is a weekly timetable of break time and after school PE and dance enrichment clubs.


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Extra-Curricular Activities

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