The Maths Department


Director of Maths = Miss J Nugent

Head of Department = Mr R Pomeroy


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The mathematics department consists of nine committed and enthusiastic teachers. We are a well-resourced department with access to physical and online stimuli to promote mathematical thinking in each of our learners. All teachers in the department have a shared vision which will allow all pupils to achieve their mathematical potential and engage in the study of mathematics.


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All learners are working towards the Maths 1-9 GCSE with the Edexcel exam board. In years 7, 8 and 9 learners will have time to study the curriculum in depth over three years, where there is also plenty of opportunity to complete problem solving and functional skills tasks. In years10 and 11 learners will build on what they have learnt in previous years but in more detail and increasing difficulty with a focus on problem solving and exam style questions.


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Learners are assessed based on skills and application during lessons and given specific feedback regularly to allow them to excel independently. Learners in years 7-9 will be assessed against the rubric ‘I can’ statements for their progress range. Learners in years 10 and 11 will be assessed on the number grade 1-9 system, against their target grade range. Learners will be assessed using exam style questions, topic tests and GCSE exam papers (in years 10 and 11).


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Home Learning


In Year 7,8 and 9  learners will be expected to complete a written activity once per week. In years 10 & 11 an online activity will be a task set on Mathswatch (via their individual login details) which will give them access to video tutorials with interactive questions and worksheets that can be downloaded for further practice.

If required, Mathswatch can be accessed in school in the break home learning club or the maths home learning help club.


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Afterschool Sessions


Year 11 revision sessions are held on Wednesday evenings until 4pm, and attendance is expected by all year 11 learners.


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Enrichment Opportunities


The department enters pupils into the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Challenge at all age groups. Our most able mathematicians are entered for the Challenge at the Junior (Years 7-8) and Intermediate (Years 9-11) levels. In 2018 we had numerous learners receive awards. We regularly participate in other Maths competitions and enrichment opportunities within Tameside, Greater Manchester and the wider region.

On a Wednesday break we run a Maths home learning help session and on a Thursday break a competitions and challenges break club.


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