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Pride Month in the LRC

This Pride Month the LRC are proud to present to our students with a highlighted selection of  LGBTQ+ novels and non-fiction books in our school Library. From the old classics through to modern young adult lit, queer writing and writers have shaped literature for as long as there has been literature to shape. Join us in celebrating these invaluable and inextricable contributions and contributors to our media, culture, and history across the spectrum, by reading our fabulous collection. 



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This Book Changed My Life - YouTube


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Mr Baxter-Smallwood -

Teacher of English 

Miss Dillion -

Teacher of Science

Miss Wood -

Teacher of Maths 

Dave, Mr Baxter-Smallwood talks about where his reading began, and the book that sparked his love of reading. Watch out for the challenge at the end!

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Miss Dillon focuses on the challenges she faced as a reader who struggled as a child, and how she overcame those barriers. 

Video Coming Soon 

Miss Woods inspires us with her love of reading and discusses how The Great Gastby is the classic she really enjoyed when she was younger.

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A video message from Award Winning Author Alan Gibbons 


Alan Gibbons(2) from Longdendale High School on Vimeo.


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We all love to read in weird and wonderful places. This competitiion explored just that.

Learners and staff were photographed reading in very perculiar places, wearing silly costumes and pulling very strange faces. The English department encouraged all learners/staff to come up with as many wacky ideas as possible!

Click here to view the Extreme Reading Competition 

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Many Learners and staff got involved in the book cover competition. All involved that entered the competitian had a blast at re-creating their favourite book covers. Learners loved showcasing their imaginative and creative work. They had so much fun. 

Click here to view Book Cover Competition Video

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Create your own cartoon charactor - Click Here 

Roald Dahl cross word - Click Here 

Lego Challenge - Click Here 



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