Burges Salmon celebrates Black History Month

Please see below some of the fantastic work produced by our learners on National Poetry Day, along with the winner of our BHM competition.


The Vision of a Paramedic

Flying down the streets

Constantly receiving information about the patient we’re going to treat.

Hopefully we can get to them in time.

With blue lights flashing,

And the cars hopefully not crashing

Each call is a race against time.


Cries of help come in all day

And of course we do our best to save the day

But it’s not always possible.

Even though we use the defibrillator

And the blood pressure measurer

We can’t save them all.


But sometimes it doesn’t take that

As some people just need a chat,

A chat to express their feelings

Which will begin the process to healing

There is more than one way to save a life


Flashbacks of previous callouts.

Can cause multiple fallouts,

F times when we were unsuccessful

In saving the innocent lives


Sometimes it gets hard

But it helps to have my partner by my side.

We do our best everyday,

Trying to keep you living for another day.


They’ve been covered in human fluids

But some people intentionally do it.

Why should they help us when many don’t give them

The respect that they ultimately deserve?

Bethany- Year 10



Blurred Vision? Eye Problem Causes Explained

V- Vision is something you

I-    Imagine. Vision is something you can

S- See

I- I can see myself going places

O- Over the mountains, over the sea and if I stick to what I want to be

N- Nothing can stop me.

Dylan- Year 10