Pupils are currently working on the theme ‘Natural Forms’ in school, investigating and researching Artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Barbara Hepworth who create their sculptures from ‘natural’ forms.

The trip offered pupils the opportunity to develop their observation drawings and their ability to take high quality primary photographs. 

 Throughout the day pupils participated in an artist lead outdoor sculpture workshop. In the morning, pupils went on a creative journey through the park with their lead artist. The morning session was a great opportunity for pupils to find ways of questioning and sharing ideas about art works through creative making and artist-guided activities in the open-air. Pupils experimented with different materials, such as wire, clay, card and drawing as a way of looking at and responding to sculpture.

The afternoon session took place in theor outdoor learning site. Pupils worked in small groups to create their own large-scale sculptural constructions using found materials, both natural and man-made. The trip developed imaginative thinking, construction skills such as stacking and balancing, problem solving, team work and speaking and listening.