Year 9 Prince's Trust Community Tea Party


As part of the Prince's Trust qualification students are required to complete a project that meets the needs of their community. Students quickly identified that in order to support their community they needed to learn more about it. 

The students decided to attend the Invisible Cities tour of homelessness in Manchester, hosted by army veteran Danny. Danny walked students around Manchester for two hours reciting poetry and educating them on the issue of homelessness, their attendance raised £200 for the Invisible Cities social enterprise. Students were surprised to learn from Danny that the majority of homeless people in Manchester eat really well due to the generosity of charities, food chains and the public, however there is a huge need for greater support to access housing and jobs. The students are currently raising money for Centrepoint, a charity that offers support to young people at risk of homelessness. During the tour Danny attempted to change students perceptions of homeless people, he explained that he felt even the eyes of the statues look down on him in judgment when he woke up on benches in Manchester. He encouraged students not to ignore the existence of the homeless and accept that they are a part of the scenery in Manchester, instead treat them as people.

Not wanting to stop there students then decided that they would like to make an impact closer to home. Inspired by the Channel 4 programme Old People's Home for Four Year Olds the students decided they would like to open the doors of Longdendale to Thorncliffe Nursery and elderly residents from the community. On Friday the 3rd of May, Prince's Trust students from year 9 and 10, alongside students from our Teens and Tots programme held a tea party for 15 toddlers and 15 elderly residents. Students received generous donations of flowers, food and drinks from staff and members of the community to cater for their event. Students also raising funds to be able to provide each child with a reading book as they left. On leaving the tea party guests asked when the next one would be.