Year 5 Forensics Day


The Science Department had the pleasure of year 5 learners from local primary schools. The learners were in school to help solve the case of Longdendale Diamond Heist. The crime: as part of a science lesson, a local diamond dealer came into school to show pupils real diamonds and explain how they are formed. During lunch, the diamonds were stored in the school safe, but just 30 minutes later, they were gone! The police narrowed the suspects down to three teachers, but they needed the learners help to decide who was guilty of the crime and recover the diamonds. As crime scene officers it was the learners job to carry out experiments on the evidence and determine which of the three suspects stole the diamonds. It was a great success and the learners correctly identified the correct thief and recovered the diamonds. We had a fantastic time and we were very impressed with the science skills that each of the learners showed.