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Learners from year 7 and 8 were given a great opportunity to take part in a STEM workshop aimed at inspiring tomorrow’s engineers based around developing sustainable energy resources for the future. The STEM workshop was packed with hands-on activities, careers information and inspirational films from engineers working in energy right now. Learners received their own workbook to capture learning as they explore concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technologies. Learners were given the opportunity to explore concepts in physics, design & technology and engineering. The highlight of the session was the challenge of building a mini electric car and testing it at different voltages to see which group’s electric car could travel to a certain distance and stop. The learners were really engaged in modifying their vehicle to make sure they had the best chance of winning. There were many delighted faces as they watched their electric car shoot off down the track. It was a great experience for our all the learners, “I have now been inspired to become an engineer” is a fitting quote from one learner to sum up their great experience.