Spreading Festive Cheer in the Community


Our wonderful and inspiring year 7 students have gone above and beyond this half term. They have raised an astounding amount of money and collected a huge amount of donations to support two homeless charities. As part of the Year 7 Project Curriculum, students were given the brief of enriching their community at Christmas time. Mrs Linari’s group, 7P, decided to fundraise to support homeless people as they felt that Christmas would be a particularly difficult time for people living on the streets, not only due to the harsh weather conditions, but also the sad memories this time of year can provoke.

Some of the students were particularly engaged with the mission and gave up nearly every evening and weekend to go into shops and businesses to ask for donations. Halle, Charlotte, Shaya, Aimee, Isabel and Isabella used their literacy skills to write letters and delivered impressive speeches to gain the interest and support of small and large companies. They've managed to get generous donations from big companies such as Marks and Spencers, Next, Costa, Tesco, BnM, the Co Op, Grace and Cole, Macdonald's and many more. In addition to the donations of items such as gloves, toiletries and food, students also raised an incredible £700 cash. They have done a raffle and tombola using some of the gifts donated to raise extra money. They also baked gingerbread biscuits, decorated bags and made cards so that they could give the homeless service users a Christmas gift. The project is student-led so they have had to demonstrate excellent teamwork, leadership, communication skills as well develop their confidence.

On Friday 14th December, Mrs Linari, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw accompanied these six students, along with their parents, to the Church of the Apostles in Manchester City Centre to work with The Rolling Shelter, a charity who work in conjunction with Manchester Mayor’s charity, A Bed Every Night. At the Church, they delivered the donations and the cheque for the money raised. They also made food and decorated the hall to provide a Christmas party for the homeless people using the shelter that evening. They had to work as a team to set up the beds and facilities. Their hard work and professionalism were recognised by the charity workers and the Vicar. It was a huge success.

On Thursday 20th December, Mrs Linari and Mrs Parker took 12 year 7 students (Halle, Shaya, George, Jessica, Charlotte, Reece, Isabella, Alice, Katie, Katie, Aimee, Isabel) along with two year nines (Phoebe and Gabrielle) along to the Wellspring in Stockport. The Wellspring is a charitable organisation who support homeless people by providing shelter, medical care, warm meals, showering facilities, mental health support and supplies. At the centre, our students gave the centre volunteers all of the donations they have collated. They also distributed their beautiful Christmas gifts to the service users and attended a talk from one of the volunteers. It was extremely moving to see the direct impact of all of the hard work and effort they have put in to collecting all of the donations. They received warm thanks from the homeless people themselves.

We are so proud of all of the students for their contributions, hard work and commitment. They have well and truly enriched the lives of homeless people in our community. It has been a great success. Well done everyone!