Jonathan Reynolds MP visit to Longdendale School Council



On Friday 17th January 2020, Jonathan Reynolds MP, visited the School Council at Longdendale. The Y7-Y10 learners involved in the School Council spent the morning presenting speeches to Jonathan.

The speech involved ideas surrounding a budget, which the School Council have been given, to either invest, improve or spend on an aspect of school they wish. The Y7-Y10 learners had support from the Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl when presenting their ideas to Jonathan, as well as Miss Burton. Miss Burton said “the learners were enthused and excited when they presented their ideas to Jonathan Reynolds”.

After the learners presented their ideas, Jonathan spent time questioning the learners’ choices and decisions. He enlightened the learners to similar aspects he has in his role when dealing with a budget. He focused the learners to on their priorities within school and how and what they would make a final decision. He also made the learners to reflect on their next steps; how they would include the whole school voice and present their ideas to senior members of staff.

The School Council are in the process of finalising their ideas to present on a whole school level and to senior members of staff.


23/01/2020 14:00