The Bronze DofE students in Year 9 have started the three sections of the award: volunteering, physical and skills. Each student needs to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week on each section for 12 weeks; then they need to choose any one section to do for a further 12 weeks. Some students have chosen to spend their time volunteering after school litter picking and everyone has noticed the huge improvement around school and this has led to other initiatives to encourage all students to pick up litter. Some students are also spending time with their language teachers as part of the skills section; the students who are studying Spanish are doing a project for Miss Rogers. The training has now started to get the students ready for their expeditions (practice and assessment). The training involves the students learning about equipment needed, first aid, map-reading, planning and cooking meals, putting up and care of tents and walking in the countryside with the use of maps and compass.