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Longdendale High School students demonstrated their respect and professionalism as they gave back to the community on Monday 9th July. They celebrated a Community Respect Day to support community partnerships. This hugely successful event included a human chain, a teddy bears’ picnic, a mass litter pick and a performance of the school production, ‘The Enchanted Rose’.

The fun-filled morning started with Longdendale students forming a human chain from the School, down the path and road to St Mary’s Church to pass down the donations of food, which they and their families have kindly donated, to the local foodbank. These valuable donations will benefit the families most in need during the summer break.

The local primary school students and representatives from the local community then arrived at school for the premiere, matinee performance of this year’s school production ‘The Enchanted Rose’. The children from Hollingworth Primary School were really impressed by the high standard of the production and the professional performances. They really enjoyed seeing some of the opportunities they will have in the future.

The teddy bears then arrived with their pre-school owners for the fabulous teddy bear picnic which was hosted by Longdendale’s year 9 and 10 students who have been working in a local primary school as part of a Teens and Tots Programme. They set out an area on the front field with a gazeebo and play mats, children’s toys and a range of activities. Students interacted with the babies and toddlers, read them stories and played games with them. They also prepared a very tasty, child-friendly picnic which was enjoyed by all. The children and their carers were treated to an acoustic musical performance by Longdendale students who were accompanied by dancers. Parents, carers, toddlers and babies had a lovely time and were sad when it was over.

Longdendale’s year 7 students and representatives from other year groups took part in a mass litter pick to tidy up the school grounds and the community areas in the vicinity. Longdendale High School’s Eco Group are extremely passionate about keeping the school and the local area litter free and it was great to see all of the students being so proactive and community spirited. 

The Longdendale High School Community Respect Day was a fantastic community event which brought together people from all ages. Longdendale staff are really proud of their students and the respect they’ve shown for the local community.