On 18th January 2018 16 Chinese teachers visited Longdendale. This was a fantastic day which the teachers found extremely beneficial.

On arrival Head Boy Daniel Bynon and Head Girl Beth Macdonald gave a welcoming speech introducing our visitors to Longdendale and explaining our ethos and core values.

Our visitors were toured by our student leaders Katie Wilkins, Tony Burgess and Molly Goodwin who were most impressive, proactive and articulate. Annie Li acted as an interpreter and confidently answered a range of challenging questions way beyond her years.

Our visitors had the opportunity to observe a real range of subject areas and commented upon the passion of our teachers and the engagement, enthusiasm, respectfulness of our Longdendale students.

At break-time Mrs Noble and the Anti-bullying ambassadors presented clearly the way the ambassadors carry out their role in school and the visitors were wholly impressed how well the leaders self-manage across our school community working independently.

They watched fantastic performances of Year 7 Lindy-Hop dance and Year 10 performed their music gig performances of duets and solos. They were so impressed by the optimism, talent and confidence of all of the students.

Miss France led a fantastic workshop on engagement and collaborative learning which enabled our visitors to see how this style of teaching is used with students to improve progress. They were able to take away key strategies which provoked must thought and debate.

At the end of the day we exchanged gifts and took a final photograph together.

Our visitors thanked Longdendale for such a wonderful perfect day!


Miss G Lowe

(Assistant Headteacher)