Since the start of term, a group of our year 9 and 10 Drama GCSE students have been working tirelessly to create and perform a devised Brechtian style play called ‘Armistice’ to staff, students and members of the community. Initially, the play was written for the Armistice Tea Dance at the end of October, last half term. This was an idea created by Ciaran Moss in Year 11.

The script was written by an extremely talented Year 11 Drama Leader Ciaran Moss, and an ex-student from the class of 2018, Nerissa Harvey, who approached Miss Lowe asking to contribute to the tea dance event for the “Friends of Hollingworth.” After discussion and deliberation, a cast were decided upon by Ciaran. Lily Capper, Sacha Cole, Frankie Fawcett, George Dickinson, Daisy Anthony and Gulliver Hubbard worked exceptionally hard with Ciaran, their director, to create a striking, poignant and observant performance looking into war from 1918 to 2018.

The play was performed for the guests at the tea dance and received great applause and praise by all. The cast were urged to show the play to staff in their weekly briefing. This play was performed to all students across school this week to commemorate Longdendale’s remembrance. A huge congratulations to the students involved for creating such a powerful memorable performance to mark the centenary for Armistice.