The Governors of Longdendale High School are a group of dedicated people who work together as a team, united by our commitment to the school and our responsibility for its long-term success.


As a school we have been supported by a fantastic governing board, who give so freely of their time to support and challenge the school and staff to ensure the highest quality provision and opportunities for all our learners.  They have played a key role in securing the continued improvement and success of the school and we are delighted they were awarded the prestigious ‘Governor Mark Award.  The assessor noted that ‘This is a highly skilled, reflective governing board where the governing board’s relentless drive for effective governance, strategic leadership and ensuring positive outcomes for all learners is clear’. 


The relentless focus and work the governors put in to support the school is clear and will continue in the establishment of the new governing board.

The reformed Local Governing Advisory Board for the academy has 5 core functions:  

  • To support with any operational management issues at individual academy level
  • To communicate with staff, pupils and parents
  • To celebrate the academy’s achievements
  • To provide an interface with the local community
  • To ensure that the academy becomes a genuine hub of the community


Governor Profiles

“Governors are exceptionally astute and knowledgeable; they bring their wider experience of life and education very fruitfully to bear in the exercise of their duties. They have contributed highly effectively to the strong culture of accountability that has helped the school to move forward”.


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Composition of the board

The composition of the Local Governing Advisory Board will be as follows:

LGAB Membership

Member Name

Chair: Appointed by the Trust

 Mrs Tracey Saltsman

Parent Representative (Elected)

 Mrs A Bradshaw

Parent Representative (Elected)

 Mr M Gill

Support Staff  Representative (Elected)

 Miss R Rigby

Teaching Staff Representative (Elected)

 Mr P Rea

Community Representative (Co-opted)

Mrs K Elgar

Student Representatives (Head Boy/Head Girl)

Gulliver Hubbard

Isabelle Thomas


We are fortunate at Longdendale to have a very committed governing body that brings a wide range of expertise and experience to the role. Have a look at our governor profiles to get a taste of the background of our members.

The Local Governing Advisory Board will meet formally once per term and the Headteacher will attend these meetings.  The boards will enable local people to get involved in the life of the academy and help build the reputation of the academy in the community.

Scheduled Meetings

The scheduled meetings will take place at the school as detailed below: 

Thursday 8th October 2020

Thursday 4th February 2021

Thursday 10th June 2021

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LGAB Terms of Reference

Governing Board Membership

Governor Mark Report (June 2017)

Apply to Become a Governor

Governing Board Attendance 2020-21

Governing Board Attendance 2019-20

Governing Board Attendance 2019-19

LGAB Pecuinary Interests

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